Please Evolve - Foundation


Please Evolve is personal.
Please Evolve is social commentary. 
                              Please Evolve is a call to action and so much more.
Please Evolve represents all of the injustices, and issues we face personally and as the human race. It's up to you. 
It's your personal statement to the world through two simple words. 
Through its ambiguity it not only relays your intended message, but also challenges the receiver to interpret it in their own way. 
Whatever your intention, that message is put forth to help create a forward movement for everyone.
Let's all challenge each other to constantly better ourselves, our country, and our planet by sending a positive message out into the universe. 
Millions of years have brought you to this moment. 
There is only one direction... Forward.  
We challenge you to PLEASE EVOLVE together.






We are a foundation dedicated to cultural, social, and environmental change through initiatives that empower diverse communities to build a better world now. 



Joining a global network to problem solve, elevate and inspire individuals to build a diverse and sustainable world that we all deserve.


 Core Values:

PLEASE - Always being courteous and aware of your fellow humans situations

EVOLVE - Constantly moving forward without harm to the planet or others

COLLABORATION - Teaming up with activists and designers

EDUCATION - Always learning and educating to help people and the planet. 

LONGEVITY - A foundation that lasts a lifetime.




Please Bloom

Our LGBTQ+ initiative.

Help us open our first space.



Please Love 

A t-shirt initiative that raises money and awareness to causes and

non profits through the printing of limited custom t shirts.